Industry recruitment efforts front and centre once again

Industry recruitment efforts will always be important. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryerson University’s annual Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Job Fair in Toronto March 26 was postponed, and organizers will “move to a contingency plan.” We’ll keep you informed via our website. I’ve been to these events before, and the halls are always packed with dozens of industry employers interviewing enthusiastic GCM students seeking summer internships or full-time career positions. We’ll see how the current pandemic affects that situation. GCM students and graduates are well prepared to offer a diverse range of skills that provide exceptional value to our industry employers.
Early in March I ran a news item on our website about Canadian Print Scholarships calling for more donations amid a huge rise in first-year student applications at Ryerson. Since becoming a pilot program scholarship partner, GCM has ramped up its promotional efforts in partnership with the Canadian Print Scholarships. “We’ve increased applications by 43% overall,” said Jason Lisi, Chair of Ryerson’s GCM. “We also have a 65% increase in the high-performing applicants’ scholarship targets.”
According to Jeff Ekstein, Chair of Canadian Print Scholarships, this is evidence that its scholarships are indeed a huge incentive to attract the brightest and best students to our industry. Last September, Canadian Print Scholarships awarded 68 new and returning students at five schools across Canada, with scholarships for the 2019 / 2020 academic year, valued at $1,500 each. This was the most the organization has awarded in a single year. In total, Canadian Print Scholarships has approved programs in nine schools across Canada – from Halifax to Vancouver as well as at Ryerson. So regardless of where your business is located, your donation will help eager students across the country to become part of our amazing industry.
“We rely on the print community to support our scholarships and hope that more companies and organizations will see the positive results we can achieve together,” added Ken Freek, Executive Director of Canadian Print Scholarships. Donations can be made online at – and the organization can provide you with a receipt if needed.
Until next time, always remember that we’re here to help.

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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