Two Sides convinces Popular Science to publish a more balanced article on the sustainability of paper products

The magazine Popular Science has shown the potential that a major news outlet can have in enlightening its readers when it delves into issues like the sustainability of paper, with a sense of balance and a commitment to science. In April, Two Sides responded to an article in the publication titled Modern Paper Use is Wildly Unsustainable, that was anything but balanced. Two Sides suggested that Popular Science should hold up its articles “to the illuminating glow of real authoritative data and pick up the phone to ask industry scientists or a school of forestry if any of what the authors claim makes sense.”

The publication did not respond directly to Two Sides, but was clearly paying attention. Sometime after Two Sides sent its letter to the editors, they said in an update to the original story that in response to reader feedback they were subsequently “interviewing experts about sourcing, processing and recycling in the U.S. paper industry.” Their resulting article published recently, Where Does Your Paper Come From, “was a far more balanced piece by an accomplished journalist who did her homework,” said Two Sides President Kathi Rowzie.

Kathi Rowzie

“Let’s be clear,” Rowzie added. “We’re never going to be satisfied with the mainstream media’s view of the paper industry or their need to cite organizations who have proven unfair to us. However, if we continue to engage with journalists covering our industry, we stand a better chance of getting fair coverage from honest news outlets. When the media present the facts, it becomes clear that paper is inherently sustainable – in fact, one of the most sustainable products on earth!

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