Kornit Digital acquires Voxel8 to shape its future textile production

Kornit Digital (Rosh Ha’ayn, Israel), a worldwide market leader in digital textile production technologies, has acquired all associated assets of Voxel8 (Somerville, Massachusetts) “expanding its additive manufacturing technology portfolio for the next-generation of sustainable, on-demand textile production.” Advanced 3D technology, said Kornit, will enable deployment of unique, high-value decorative and functional applications for leading global brands. Voxel8’s advanced additive manufacturing technology for textiles allows for digital fabrication of functional features with zonal control of material properties, in addition to utilizing high-performance elastomers adhering to inkjet technology.

Ronen Samuel

“Voxel8’s innovative technologies and talent will help us accelerate the execution of our 4.0 strategy to digitize sustainable, on-demand textile production,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital’s CEO. “With this advanced and proven 3D technology, we’ll disrupt the business of fashion, empowering completely new creative decorative concepts and never-before-seen functional textile applications, while exploring new, lucrative opportunities in the functional apparel and footwear markets.”

Kobi Mann

Kobi Mann, Kornit Digital’s CTO added: “By integrating Voxel8’s technology into Kornit’s product roadmap, we’ll be able to transform numerous market segments and verticals, accelerating our collective visions and technology advancements. Voxel8 offers direct 3D print-on-part capabilities, advanced design software that can be easily integrated with any production floor software workflow, and versatile chemistry enabling on-the-fly formulation of high-performance elastomers to change the material properties of the resulting printed structures by multiple orders of magnitude. This means reflective, high-density, silicone and metallics, as well as compression elements for sports and therapeutics, protection elements like cushioning and impact resistance, and functional applications like anti-slip, waterproofing and other qualities combining form and function that are key to Kornit’s vision of digitizing production in every conceivable manner.”

Fred von Gottberg

“Voxel8’s innovative and sustainable technology – tested by some of the world’s leading global fashion and footwear brands, such as Hush Puppies, which is part of Wolverine Worldwide – enables the digital creation of unique decorative and functional applications, while eliminating time and waste from the manufacturing process,” said Fred von Gottberg, Voxel8’s President and CEO. “Voxel8 shares Kornit’s vision of transforming the textile industry and couldn’t be more excited to be part of the journey to build the operating system of sustainable fashion on demand. We look forward to working together to embed Voxel8’s technology into Kornit’s customer offerings, which will collectively provide endless possibilities of enhanced applications and solutions.”

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