Komori completes acquisition of MBO Group

Komori Corporation has announced the completion of the acquisition of MBO Group, a global company based in Germany that specializes in the manufacture and sale of post-press equipment. MBO Group is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Komori under the new company name of MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH. Going forward, the companies plan to leverage their strong synergies to ensure the continuing success of both organizations and their customers. Synergies between the two companies include their singular focus on advancing print solutions for both offset and digital technology, while extending that focus to customer excellence. The merger will allow Komori “to provide solutions from start to finish.” With the combined strengths of both OEMs, Komori’s market presence will be greatly expanded, allowing it to extend its printing solutions to a wider range of applications in the commercial, packaging and digital printing segments.

Mark Milbourn.

“We’re very excited about the completion of this acquisition. We see it as a testament to Komori’s commitment to the printing industry,” said Mark Milbourn, Executive Vice President of Sales and Service at Komori America. “Despite the uncharted waters we are experiencing right now, Komori is taking a bold step to continue to be a valuable solutions’ provider to our customers and support them now and in the future in achieving productivity improvements throughout the printing and finishing processes.”
Ken Keyte, President of MBO America, added: “This is a very exciting move for both companies. Komori Group and MBO Postpress Solutions will complement each other with technologies and networks required to build a strong sales organization throughout the world. Together we are positioned to be a complete solutions’ provider for the printing industry.”
Since 2009, Komori has followed an aggressive strategy to be a solutions’ provider to the print industry to better support customers in achieving a higher level of productivity. The nearly 100-year-old OEM now markets a host of printing equipment to support efficiency and continued improvements in pressrooms across the globe. MBO’s high-precision, high-productivity post-press equipment portfolio fits well with this strategy. As an example, plans are now underway to couple two core products from both companies: MBO’s real-time data solution, Data Manager 4.0, and Komori’s IoT-based cloud solution, KP-Connect, to seamlessly connect and report job-data flow and feedback mechanisms for job status, waste and the overall efficiencies of all devices.

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