Design ‘n’ Buy releases free 2022-2025 Print & Packaging Industry Report

Web-to-print and e-commerce leader Design ‘n’ Buy has released a special report that examines the print and packaging industry up to 2025. There have been several megatrends that have contributed to the continued growth of the global packaging industry over the past few decades, the report pointed out. “Several of these factors will continue to shape the business, and we anticipate that many of them – such as the Internet of Things, 3D technology, web-to-print solutions, sustainability, and digital (particularly e-commerce) – will create unique transformational opportunities for the future,” the study revealed.

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The report went on to say that the packaging printing market is projected to be worth $508.51 billion (USD) by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7.89% during the forecast period (2022 to 2030). The market was valued at $364.45 billion (USD) in 2021. To better understand what lies ahead, Design ‘n’ Buy reviewed the industry’s adaptations over the past several decades. Throughout the report, the different market dynamics that drive the packaging industry are examined. The study provides an in-depth analysis of different segments of the printing industry, as well as detailed information on the workings of various geographical markets. Readers can obtain a holistic view of the industry’s opportunities and challenges to better navigate disruptions and strategize about updating and future-proofing their business models. Topics examined include Print Packaging Segments, Digital Print Packaging, Innovations in 3D Technology, The Future of Web-to-Pack Technology, the IoT (Internet of Things) and Printing Automation. The complimentary report can be downloaded here:

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