BMI reveals industry trends in new book manufacturing whitepaper

The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI – Bradenton, Florida) has released a new whitepaper 2022 Trends in Book Manufacturing, which helps readers understand where the industry has been and where it’s headed in the future. As both publishers and manufacturers struggle to adapt to the new post-Covid era of the printed book, BMI wanted to produce a report that would help to set the conversation and push the industry forward. The report details the pivotal changes to the industry that occurred during the first two decades of the century. The rise of both digital printing and digital reading has shifted the industry greatly. The pandemic caused a huge amount of disruption, and both publishers and printers are still adjusting to the changes. Challenges with inflation, paper, labour and capacity have affected everyone, the report emphasized. The whitepaper speaks to those challenges and explores how the industry might adapt in 2022 and beyond.

Matt Baehr

“The last 12 months have been like no other time in the book industry,” said Matt Baehr, Executive Director of BMI. “We are constantly being asked about how the industry ended up in this situation and where we see it going. This whitepaper was written to help give everyone a glimpse into both the past and future, and hopefully a better understanding of the industry.” The whitepaper is currently available at

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