SinaLite installs a Kornit Avalanche HD6 expanding its on-demand DTG production

Vice President at SinaLite, Brian Meshkati (left), with President Mike Meshkati, in front of their new Kornit Avalanche HD6 Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing System and current Kornit Storm HD6 DTG textile printer.

Leading Canadian trade-only printer SinaLite (Markham, Ontario) continues to expand its hundreds of product lines for print brokers and other re-seller clients by making major investments in cutting-edge technology. Its latest acquisition was a Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG textile printing system to boost its on-demand digital textile production capacity. Since the onset of Covid-19 and global supply-chain challenges, SinaLite has actually experienced a massive increase in t-shirt orders, with the company recently citing a 330% increase in e-commerce volumes. Previously utilizing a Kornit Storm HD6, the addition of the Avalanche will help SinaLite quickly fulfill the increase in demand for its printed apparel products.

For over 22 years, thousands of print sellers across Canada and the U.S. have partnered with SinaLite to access offset and digital print products, wide-format, label printing, Direct-To-Garment (DTG) products and an equally huge array of speciality print items. Operating strictly under a B2B sales model, SinaLite offers more than 1,000 diverse print products to print brokers and other clients, empowering them to remain competitive and grow their businesses. Through SinaLite’s website, print partners can get instant quotes 24/7, upload imagery, generate product mock-ups, and easily place orders that are produced and delivered across Canada and the U.S. in only a few days.

“We originally brought in the Kornit Storm HD6 as we were drawn to the company’s efficiency, sustainability and high-quality output, while their single-step process gives us the ability to fulfill client orders quickly,” said Brian Meshkati, Vice President at SinaLite. “We anticipated processing plenty of orders, but recent volumes have surprised us. Our order volumes reached a level that required us to increase our production capacity to keep up with demand. Since the Kornit system was working efficiently for us, we decided to go with the Avalanche, enabling us to continue to deliver to our customers a wide range of affordable, full-colour printing without order minimums.” SinaLite also offers workshops, guides and videos to support its partners’ custom-apparel sales.

Chuck Meyo

“We believe on-demand production is the future of the apparel industry,” said Chuck Meyo, President of Kornit Digital Americas. “Whether your business is built on custom apparel or commercial printing, sustainable production and unlimited design capabilities are a natural fit for the e-commerce age, which continues to test suppliers’ agility. SinaLite was prepared for market disruptions, had the technology it needed to adapt and thrive when demand shifted suddenly, and used their own experience as a test case for expanding their end-to-end digital capabilities. The result has been a continuously rewarding experience for their partners, and a powerful return on investment,” Meyo added.

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