Quebec-based Sercost invests heavily in Epson technology to meet rising demand

Sercost has installed an Epson Digital Label Press and several wide-format printing solutions. Above, Sercost President Marco Côté stands beside some of the Epson printers he’s invested in that will be used to produce vehicle wraps, wall murals, rigid signage, banners, posters, stickers, labels, promotional products, and much more.

Sercost, a leading commercial printer based in Acton Vale, Quebec, has purchased and installed multiple Epson professional printing solutions to support its growing business. After initially purchasing a SureColor S80600L to replace its previous wide-format printer, Sercost further invested in five additional Epson solutions – including a second SureColor S80600L, as well as a SureColor V7000, SureColor F570 Pro, SurePress L-4533AW, and SureColor T5270. Together, these printers will help Sercost produce its highly acclaimed vehicle wraps, wall murals, rigid signage, banners, posters, stickers, labels, promotional products, and more.

Epson SureColor S80600L

“Initially when we needed a new wide-format printer, we were drawn to the Epson SureColor S80600L due to its 10-colour bulk ink tank system, its use of Red and Orange ink and its compatibility with the vinyl we were working with,” said Marco Côté, President of Sercost. “We were surprised to learn the SureColor S80600L was twice the speed of our original wide-format printer and were so happy with it, that within a week of purchasing the first unit, we went back and purchased a second, and created a plan to switch all of our wide-format printing to Epson.” With each new Epson purchased, Sercost has experienced an overall increase in speed and turnaround times. When discussing the most recent purchase, the Epson SureColor V7000, Côté added: “There is no comparison to our previous model, where I was only able to output four boards per hour. Now with the V7000, I can double that! There’s a big difference in print quality too. We can’t wait to do more experimenting to see what this printer is capable of.”

For its digital label production, Sercost installed an Epson SurePress L-4533AW Digital Label Press. “We recently purchased a SurePress to bring label printing in-house,” Côté added. “Within a few months of the install, we were able to automate the process and can now output thousands of labels per day. This has opened the opportunity for us to bid on new clients. Currently we are finalizing a large contract with a pharmaceutical company for 80,000 labels per month. This wouldn’t have been possible without the SurePress.” Sercost is continuing to expand its in-house production, with the goal of also bringing Epson direct-to-garment (DTG) printing on-site. “After the results we’ve had with all our other Epson printers, it only makes sense to turn to what we know and trust Epson with our DTG printing as well,” said Côté.

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