Little Rock Printers installs Canada’s first Valiani Optima Cutter

Little Rock Production Manager Rick Nay (left) with President Brian Kroeker, in front of their new Valiani Optima V250 flatbed cutting system.

Print-finishing leader Sydney Stone (Mississauga, Ontario), Canada’s Exclusive Valiani Omnia dealer, has announced the first Canadian installation of a Valiani Optima V250 flatbed cutting system at Little Rock Printers in Calgary, Alberta. The vacuum flatbed plotter for die cutting can cut a wide range of materials up to 20mm (3/4”) thick. It’s ideal for signage, in-house prototyping, point-of-sale displays, and short to medium runs of packaging. The technology also features high levels of personalization. The flexible, user-friendly machine comes equipped with a wide range of accessories, and is available in 4 table sizes: V80 (123cm x 80cm), V160 (123cm x 180 cm), V250 (123cm x 250cm), and V300 (160cm x 300cm).

“Our mission is to provide local brands with access to the highest quality options for their printing and packaging needs,” said Brian Kroeker, President of Little Rock Printers. “Our goal is to offer minimum run lengths of as little as one copy, printed to the same standards and using the same processes and equipment as we use to produce thousands of items. We strive to complete all orders regardless of run length in 1-5 days, and provide simple, detailed online access to our full offerings to support entrepreneurs and brand owners with access to pricing and predictable ordering – any where at any time.”

Though initially purchased for signage cutting, Little Rock’s new Optima is now creating new products that result in new revenue streams. “The quality of the machine and the tools are second to none for precision cutting,” Kroeker added. “We’re now moving jobs from another die-cutting system to the Optima based on the high quality of cutting and finishing. With its easy-to-use software, we were able to secure a new customer based on our ability to create a rapid prototype and present it to that client, which ultimately led to ongoing orders. We are continuing to find new applications and revenue streams to further capitalize on this investment.”

Stephen Longmire, National Sales Manager at Sydney Stone, added: “We are extremely proud to be partnering with Little Rock Printers on this exciting, first-of-its-kind installation in Canada. Little Rock is renowned for innovative, quality print products that push the boundaries of design, substrates, print production and finishing. With a dynamic production and design team producing print and fulfilling customer packaging needs with ‘boutique finishes,’ we look forward to seeing all of the exciting products that the great minds at Little Rock can conceive, to fully utilize their new Valiani Optima.”

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