Global Imaging installs Kongsberg C64 Digital Cutting Table

Global Imaging Plant Manager Mahir Hurmus operating the new Kongsberg C64 Digital Cutting Table.

Large-format printing leader Global Imaging (Mississauga, Ontario) has installed a Kongsberg C64 Digital Cutting Table with automated board feeder and stacker from Kongsberg PCS (Precision Cutting Systems), as part of its ongoing commitment to boost finishing creativity while better serving its clients. Specializing in large-format digital printing for POP materials and other forms of displays requires specialized knowledge, not only in handling and preparing the materials, but also in design and fabrication processes.

“At Global Imaging, we’re embracing the fact that advances in technology and materials mean that the only limiting factor to creativity is how far your own imagination can take you,” said Gerald Maister, Vice President of Global Imaging. “The digital revolution has led to a creative revolution, giving us the freedom to work in large-scale formats even for one-off custom orders. With this latest investment, we’re increasing our own capabilities to deliver the most creative designs, and fulfill the imagination potential of our designers and our customers.” Maister added that the investment would also help increase throughput speed and boost productivity.

The Esko Kongsberg C64 Digital Cutting Table

“The automated feeder stacker ensures that we can achieve more in less time,” Maister added. “The underside camera alone, which takes away the manual processes of checking each sheet and calculating registration marks, will save us up to 30 minutes on each job.” Global Imaging also took advantage of the wide array of special tooling available for the C64. It added the Kongsberg High Frequency Vibracut Knife Tool that’s ideal for cutting heavily recycled board at efficient speeds, as well as the Rigid Material Knife Tool that excels at everything – from cutting lightweight, detailed work, to heavy, rigid board.

Vince Tuccitto

“The C64 delivers the highest levels of performance,” said Vince Tuccitto, Kongsberg PCS Territory Sales Manager for Eastern Canada. “With its state-of-the-art, rock-solid engineering and aerospace technology, it combines a steel tabletop with aluminum honeycomb core, a rack-and-pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping, to deliver the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency. With the addition of the optional tooling combination, Gerald and his team can manufacture large displays quickly and easily while being confident in achieving the best quality of final print and cut,” Tuccitto added.

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