Full Frame Signs and Scenic Art invests in Esko Kongsberg V Cutting Table

The Kongsberg V Cutting Table has helped the company increase sales 30-40%.
The Esko Kongsberg V Cutting Table has helped the company increase sales 30% to 40%.

The Esko Kongsberg V Cutting Table will help Toronto-based Full Frame Signs and Scenic Art create a wide range of items that appear on screen for the company’s film industry clients, as well as materials for its business clients. Sean Vizsy, Full Frame Executive Director, came from the niche industry that he now serves – the film industry. He wanted to be a service supplier on a different scale, so he developed a relationship with Cinespace Film Studios.
His company provides technologies for sign manufacturing and scenic art production and caters directly to the film and TV industry, as well as the corporate business world. Located in two of Cinespace Film’s properties in the east and west end of Toronto, its headquarters is located with their sister company, The Custom Apparel Shoppe, in Paris, Ontario. The company’s products are used on screen, seen anywhere from taxi-cab decals to coffee-shop storefronts. They’ve made everything from flooring and car decals to apparel, posters, large and small signs, paint stencils and much more.
The Kongsberg can handle a wide array of substrates.
The Kongsberg can handle a wide array of substrates.

“Until recently we were basically cutting everything by hand and were very limited to the designs we could offer,” Vizsy said. “They could only be square cut. We would try using a belt sander to get rounded corners, but they’re tough because it adds to the risk of introducing imperfections to the product. We were also limited to the materials we could work with. We didn’t even bother with MDF or Dibond. We stuck with substrates that could be knife-cut. We were looking for a table that could accelerate file set-up easily – a table on which we could train someone in hours, not weeks, and which did not require advanced CNC software experience to program files. It’s difficult to find a graphic designer who can also program a CNC machine. The Kongsberg table set-up is simplistic for super things. Using Esko i-cut Layout, we can step and repeat a number of pieces. The best part is that the interface feels and acts like Adobe Illustrator, because it’s a plug-in for Illustrator.”
The Kongsberg V has allowed the company to expand its marketing well beyond signage. In fact, it allowed Full Frame Signs to change its name to Full Frame Signs and Scenic Art. Vizsy also purchased the Kongsberg Roto Tool attachment that allowed him to cut leather and neoprene. “With help from The Custom Apparel Shoppe, we can screen print small pieces of neoprene, cut and send them to our customer’s facilities to build costumes,” he added. The Kongsberg table is also much more productive. “With our four people and the Kongsberg table, sales have increased 30-40%. The table has replaced a person or two, just because we no longer rely on someone to stand at a table manually cutting signs. The Kongsberg table has become a vital, automatic part of our workflow.”

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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