Print Wisdom Mentorship Program expands to include second-year Ryerson GCM students

Strategic consulting firm Connecting for Results (CFR, Toronto) has announced that its Print Wisdom Career Mentorship Program will now be available this Fall to second-year Ryerson University Graphics Communications Management (GCM) students. It was previously available to third-year and fourth-year students only. Working with the Toronto university’s GCM Program and Tri-Mentoring Program, Print Wisdom will provide students with the opportunity to find counsel from seasoned printing industry professionals starting Monday, September 20, 2021. The initiative is designed to help guide students as they begin their careers by networking with print professionals to seek career advice, guidance, motivation and industry resources. In particular, Print Wisdom is currently seeking female mentors to assist female students in enrolled in Ryerson’s GCM Program.

To date, current students in the program have received help in:

• Defining their unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition

• Preparing for internships with resume tips and interview skills

• Gaining insights into various areas of the industry and potential career paths

• Having a sounding board to help with internships – including transitioning from academic life to the professional world, navigating workplace dynamics, and learning business etiquette

• Developing a comfort level while engaging with industry professionals as they emerge from an academic environment

For mentors, the experience has given them an opportunity to:

• Understand the challenges of entering the printing industry during Covid-19

• Gain perspectives from a diverse student population

• Identify the challenges faced by female students entering the printing industry

• Build rewarding relationships with bright, up-and-coming talent

• Give back to the next generation and help the future of the industry

The Fall 2021 Mentorship Program runs from September 20, 2021 to March 31, 2022 and provides students with the opportunity to sample a variety of areas of the industry, while also giving employers the chance to meet prospective new talent. Students can meet with their mentors one-on-one virtually, or in person on an on-going basis. Alternatively, they can participate in a one-time “Flash Mentoring” session to get quick advice from an industry expert.

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