Canon launches “Enhancing the Print Customer Connection” whitepaper series

In an effort to help define print-buyer expectations and related print-provider actions, Canon U.S.A., Inc. recently sponsored a study and whitepaper series titled Enhancing the Print Customer Connection with NAPCO Research. Based on insights from communication buyers and print providers, this study helps identify customers’ expectations and actions that businesses can offer. Over 200 communication buyers and 250 commercial print and in-plant print providers, focused on the understanding of the communication buyers’ experience, and how their preferences align with what services print providers can offer. The whitepaper series builds on the 2019 Digital Printing 5.0 and 2020 Print in the Eye of the Buyers 2020 study, both of which Canon also conducted with NAPCO Research.

A key focus of the new study was print-job submission methods. According to the research, communication buyers responded that only 26% of their digital printing work is submitted through online e-commerce and web-to-print systems, with the majority (44%) still being submitted by e-mail or file-uploaded processes, and 30% by physical delivery methods. In addition 71% of communication buyers reported that their print providers don’t explain the specific benefits to their organization of ordering through online portal – and 36% of buyers not using online portal methods feel that e-mail and file upload is an easier method for job submission. Statistics such as this in the study help identify the challenges that print providers need to address with customers, to grow the use of e-commerce and web-2-print ordering.

The research is being summarized in five whitepapers that’ll be published over the next few months. The five key focus areas of the Enhancing the Print Customer Connection series include:

• Delivering Client Experiences that Gain Competitive Advantage

• The Job Submission Challenge – Onboarding Your Customers

• Navigating a New Customer Environment

• Advancing Productivity and Service Delivery

• Strengthening the Value of the In-Plant

Canon and its authorized production dealers are also utilizing these findings to host educational webinars with various industry associations and print-service providers, to help them apply these research findings to enhance customer experiences, optimize their services and improve productivity.

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