Survey reveals that design professionals working from home struggle with version control

While 92% of digital media pros report that general productivity has improved while working from home, over half (63%) say transferring files has become more difficult, according to a new study commissioned by Santa Cruz Software that surveyed over 500 design professionals. In addition to work-from-home trends, the survey asked questions about version control and asset management challenges among digital media pros, compared to a similar survey conducted one year ago. Time spent working from home skyrocketed this past year due to the pandemic, and respondents expect that working from home is here to stay. Over 97% of respondents work from home at least once a week with nearly half (40%) working from home full-time, compared to only 19% working at home full time two years ago. Of those polled, 92% predicted that one year from now, they’ll continue working from home at least once a week. Only 8% expect to return to the office full-time in one year, as opposed to 29% before the pandemic.

Finding lost assets is a problem

Most importantly, over four in five (83%) respondents said they’re spending time finding lost assets at least once a week, up from 73% in 2020. In fact, 11% are searching for lost assets hourly. In some cases the productivity losses are enormous, the report added. Nearly 75% of designers spend at least three hours a week managing versions, and a staggering 15% are spending over six hours a week managing versions. The major takeaway is that an efficient way of managing assets remains essential: 97% believe their productivity would radically improve if they had working files/assets accessible from within the Adobe application. The results were similar regardless of the kind of Adobe applications used, though when asked what app they most commonly use, Adobe Photoshop was ranked the highest.

Mark Hilton

“The difficulty of managing digital asset versions has long tormented multi-media professionals, and this has only become more pronounced during the pandemic when many are working remotely,” said Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software. “Time spent managing assets is costing professionals – and their businesses –countless hours in lost productivity. Working from home is here to stay, and this survey confirmed what many designers knew already: streamlining access to files from within apps is the preferred workflow. At Santa Cruz Software, we are pioneering ways for creatives to access their cloud-based content right from Adobe apps, benefiting everyone involved,” he added. The company offers a suite of tools to connect Adobe applications to other Cloud Services, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly on projects without ever leaving their applications. Built-in features are designed to streamline brand compliance, empower collaboration between teams, and increase productivity.

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