Santa Cruz Software adds new Smart-Linkr for automatic asset relinking

Santa Cruz Software (Santa Cruz, California),a leader in developing software solutions for cross-media content publishing, has announced that the premium version of its LinkrUI has expanded its capabilities, to automatically find and fix broken links in projects for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. The automatic asset relinking feature, named Smart-Linkr, enables teams to collaborate more seamlessly by simplifying the process of accessing projects and maintaining version control, while working on video and visual-effects projects. Broken links and version control are common problems among creatives. A recent U.S. survey of creatives revealed that over four in five (83%) are spending time finding lost assets at least once a week. Nearly 75% of designers spend at least 3 hours a week managing versions, and a staggering 15% are spending over 6 hours a week managing versions.

LinkrUI is a best-in-class extension to Adobe applications and Microsoft Office applications that enables direct searching, opening, placing, and synchronizing of assets stored in a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) system or other cloud storage (such as Box and Dropbox). When a user accesses a project file that has broken links, Smart-Linkr can automatically detect and relink them. For Adobe applications, the premium version is compatible with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and includes compatibility with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. When LinkrUI detects a broken asset in a project for Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects, the Smart-Linkr notifies the user with a missing link icon. Then the premium version enables the user to search the DAM automatically to find the lost asset and fix any broken links with a single click.

If a project’s linked assets are already in the cloud, LinkrUI will automatically search and find similar assets, providing a list of asset options. The user can then choose the correct asset and relink it. If the linked assets are only linked locally, the user can upload the asset to the cloud or DAM service with a single click in the LinkrUI panel. Once the project and linked assets are uploaded to the DAM, all team members can access the same cloud-based project and assets using the LinkrUI panel.

Mark Hilton

“The difficulty of managing digital asset versions has long tormented multi-media professionals, especially for those who work in video and animation,” said Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software. “This new feature of LinkrUI has the potential to save precious time every week for creative and video production teams. Collaboration among creative teams of any size, small to enterprise level, is now much simpler thanks to Smart-Linkr in LinkrUI.”

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