Pantone CMYK guides now produced with G7-calibrated printing

Pantone (Carlstadt, NJ), a global authority on colour and a provider of professional colour standards for the printing and design industries, has announced that its available CMYK Coated and Uncoated Guides will now be printed using G7 calibration, making them “achievable at almost any print provider in the world.” The CMYK Guides offer more colours to choose from, with 1,889 coated colours that don’t match any existing Pantone Formula Guide Coated colour, and 1,653 unique uncoated colours that don’t match any existing Pantone Formula Guide Uncoated colour. The new CMYK Guides give designers an opportunity to find colours “in between” traditional Pantone graphic colours. They’re also an ideal way to visualize, communicate and control colours for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other treatments. The guides are printed to the G7 technical standard using CRPC reference press spaces for #1 coated and uncoated paper to the G7 Colorspace conformance level. In addition, colours that already match main Pantone colours will be clearly marked – so that unique colours can be identified with ease.

Lou Prestia

“By marking the unique colours, designers can find colours ‘in-between’ traditional Pantone Graphics colours, and because the Guides are printed CMYK, all the colours are achievable on a modern offset printing press or digital press,” said Lou Prestia, Senior Product Manager at Pantone. “Text weight paper is used to match popular print specifications, and includes a colour index, lighting evaluation tool and design software. Pantone is the only internationally recognized colour communication system, allowing users to specify Pantone colours with confidence, whether manufacturing is close to home or half a world away.”

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