Thornton is Zünd’s new Business Segment Manager for Graphics and Packaging

Martin Thornton

Cutting and finishing equipment specialist Zünd America (Oak Creek, Wisconsin) has announced that Martin Thornton has been appointed Business Segment Manager for Graphics and Packaging. Thornton brings with him over 25 years of in-depth technical sales experience and knowledge in the graphics and packaging, printing, die making, aerospace, automotive, apparel, furniture and textile industries. “His track record in direct sales, marketing and management of integrated software and hardware solutions is proof of his ability to generate new business opportunities worldwide,” the OEM added.

Prior to joining Zünd America, Thornton was a Sales Executive with Gerber Technology (Tolland, CT) for more than 12 years. His vast knowledge of the manufacturing process helped expand Gerber Technology sales in the packaging, aerospace and textile divisions across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. As a die-maker certified by the Irish Print Union, and with years of hands-on experience, he understands the challenges of the manufacturing processes involved in both graphics and packaging, and how digital transformation and the convergence of the two industries are reshaping the future. His ability to “think outside the box” will guide the Zünd America Sales Team to maintain highly supportive client relationships by providing industry-specific advice on Zünd’s world-class finishing solutions – all designed to expand manufacturing capacity and increase productivity, the company added.

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