Connecting for Results expands its team by adding Twomey

Sean Twomey
Sean Twomey

Connecting for Results (CFR – Toronto), an industry leader in strategic consulting, mergers & acquisitions (M&As), talent acquisition, recruitment and coaching, has added industry expert Sean Twomey to its team. A leader in business development and M&As, He’ll assumes the role of Vice President. The addition will enable CFR to further expand its services to clients effective immediately. A creative strategist, Twomey has vast experience in strategic planning, integration, business development and supply-chain management as well as M&As. He’s held executive roles in finance, marketing, administration and general management – and successfully completed over 50 public and private acquisitions and executed over 350 multi-year sales contracts with revenues ranging in the billions.

Twomey has served across the graphic arts industry with deep experience in the printing, publishing and forestry sectors. In his role at Connecting for Results, he’ll be responsible for expanding the company’s reach and client base throughout the USA. He has a track record of successful M&A deals locally and internationally in addition to creating exponential sales growth for his clients. He’ll be available to assist CFR customers with a variety of services including business planning and development, operational efficiency, supply-chain management, and as previously mentioned, mergers and acquisitions.

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