Taradel launches Mapfire multichannel marketing app for small businesses

Jim Fitzgerald

Taradel (Richmond, Virginia) has launched Mapfire, the company’s new multichannel marketing app designed to boost customer acquisition for small businesses. The new app helps advertisers identify high-value prospects and deploy targeted ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, direct mail and other media channels. “We’re excited to bring Mapfire to the market,” said Jim Fitzgerald, Taradel’s founder and CEO. “As millions of businesses open and rebuild after the pandemic, every marketing dollar is a precious resource. And that’s what Mapfire is all about – it’s a way to increase the reach, lifespan and impact of your marketing investment.”

Available on desktop and mobile devices, Mapfire also features built-in performance tracking, analytics and reporting. Mapfire helps users search for potential new clients using geographic and demographic filters such as age, income and drive-time. Based on the user’s input, the app automatically ‘heat-maps’ local markets to show areas with the highest density of likely customers. The results are displayed through an interactive and custom-generated version of Google Maps – which users can edit to create an “ideal” audience.

After creating an audience, users can fully customize their marketing campaign with design, print and digital advertising options – including thousands of free design templates and professional creative services. A built-in scheduling tool makes it possible to plan campaign deployment in advance of important events such as grand openings, product launches, sales or holidays. Advertisers can choose from basic or premium plans, which determine whether campaigns are direct mail-only or multichannel. Premium plans enable advertisers to run matching Facebook, Google, email, and direct mail offers delivering to the same audience. Premium plans include robust reporting tools, accessible through the user’s account, which track key performance indicators such as phone calls, impressions, engagement and clicks.

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