Expertise from Koenig & Bauer Customer Service Specialists increases production by 20%

John D. Starratt Jr., a Regional Customer Service Specialist, is a member of the Koenig & Bauer CSS team that offers its expertise to customers.

When one of Koenig & Bauer’s largest packaging customers called upon its Customer Service Specialists (CSS) to visit its production facility, the customer was successfully operating its high-performance Koenig & Bauer Rapida 145 large-format press but was seeking to better contend with its rapid expansion and growing production demands. After working one-on-one with the firm’s production and press crews, John D. Starratt Jr., a Regional Customer Service Specialist, was able to help the firm increase its production by 20%, reduce make-ready times by 40%, and provide outstanding overall improvements in press speed and quality while reducing downtime.

“Koenig & Bauer has an excellent reputation for its superior press technology,” said Michael Eichler, Koenig & Bauer Sales Director, Service Select. “To ensure that the press is running up to its full capacity and potential, our CSS team of highly-skilled multifunctional experts is called upon to directly support our customer base, lend critical support, and deliver unique solutions with the utmost ease and responsiveness.” In the case of this leading packaging firm who wanted to remain anonymous, Starratt made both monthly and quarterly visits to their facility. His goal was to increase press performance, reduce make-ready times, improve press-crew skills with additional training, and offer targeted analysis, advice and recommendations to implement new standards and best practices.

“My initial review was that the press crew needed to improve their standard procedures to operate the press, and we needed to retrain them for better utilization of the press,” Starratt recalled. “Within a short amount of time, all of the shop’s numbers greatly improved. The press was displaying exceptional run speeds and increased throughput.” By working with the press crew, Starratt was able to improve processes and provide guidance on how targeted training can stabilize and further improve the efficiency of Koenig & Bauer’s equipment. By standardizing the press process, he gave each press operator a particular responsibility. This, in turn, turned the pressroom into a more structured and organized operation.

“We immediately saw a huge improvement and major benefits within the pressroom,” Starratt pointed out. “After only a few visits, the procedures we put in place dramatically decreased make-ready times. We could see opportunities to increase their production and we showed them what the press was capable of if it’s operated optimizing all the inherent simultaneous processes to ensure the highest productivity.” Due to substantial productivity gains, other benefits and exceptional return on investment (ROI) due to from Starratt’s work, the customer has asked for additional CSS assistance at its other facilities in which Koenig & Bauer presses are in use.

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