Despite some setbacks, our country and our industry remain strong

Joe Mulcahy.

Here’s another update from Graphic Arts Magazine Chairman Joe Mulcahy, as we continue to cope with COVID-19 and re-open our businesses safely.
In my last message in September, we discussed our exciting September printed issue, our first Advisory Board meeting, a bold new website, and an amazing cover printed by Mi5. Well, I’m happy to report that Graphic Arts Magazine is continuing the momentum. Yes, COVID numbers have spiked in certain areas across the country. But Canadians have continued to show a healthy respect for this virus by observing protocols from our healthcare professionals. Most of all, our politicians have followed suit.
The re-launching of our website, set to happen in the next few months, will include the introduction of live product broadcasts, virtual 360-degree company and pressroom tours, and highly engaging forums with OEM experts. We’re also launching a new B2B Digital Marketing Program that will help get your messages to your specific target audience more effectively, plus a Remarketing/Retargeting Program that will track visitors to our website and reach them with your messages when they visit other sites.
Be sure to check out our October issue.

To help with all these initiatives, we’ve added more youth, energy and new ideas to our team. Pilgrim Gaudan will be handling social media, helping to get your messages to the right people at the right time while boosting traffic to our website. Three exceptionally talented students from Ryerson University’s Graphic Communications Management (GCM) course have also been added to our team, and we welcome their youthful perspectives.
To help you get back on your feet, we’ll be offering special discounts for print ads in our November and December 2020/January 2021 issues. Please call me at 1-877-513-3999 to learn more. But first, be sure to check our October issue, especially our lead feature on post-pandemic prepress – and how printers will have to adapt to this new reality.
Finally, for a low fee and very little work on your part, our team will write and design an easily customizable, 4-page, full-colour newsletter for your business every month. Simply drop in you own ads and/or announcements. It’s a great way to welcome back customers and impress potential clients. For more information please visit
 Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe – and we’ll emerge from this pandemic even stronger!

Joe Mulcahy
Joe Mulcahy Founder Graphic Arts Magazine

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