PPC announces the winners of its 75th Annual Paperboard Packaging Competition

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC, Springfield, MA) has announced the winners of its 75th Annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition.
These five folding cartons and rigid boxes (below) represent some of the best paperboard packaging manufactured by North American converters during the past year.
Congratulations to all of the well-deserved winners. Their creativity and skills are more than apparent in these eye-catching creations.

The Decembrists.


The Decemberists – I’ll Be Your Girl submitted by JohnsByrne
This boxset for The Decemberists’ latest album, I’ll Be Your Girl, truly sings. Inside the rigid slipcase is an intricate pop-up book that holds vinyl records. A unique structural element, the book has a mechanism that lifts the vinyl and bends the pages into a striking geometric pinwheel shape.
To give fans an interactive experience, the design also incorporates hidden treasures and surprises like die cuts and pop-ups, all of which were laser-cut and hand-glued. Impressive, ceremonial and interactive, this box set is also extremely colourful.
Kellogg’s EXTRA Creations


Kellogg’s EXTRA Creations 
submitted by Graphic Packaging International
In a category dominated by traditional rectangular cereal boxes, the EXTRA Creations design makes a huge impact. Its gable-top structure looks like nothing else in the cereal aisle.
Graphically, an elegant black backdrop highlights a code colour and appetizing photos of ingredients and cereal clusters.
The only thing that isn’t “extra” about this design is its footprint, which is smaller and much more stable than traditional cereal boxes.
The Taylor Box Company’s Holiday Mailer.


Taylor Box Company Holiday Mailer submitted by the Taylor Box Company
Taylor Box’s 2017 holiday greeting to clients and stakeholders was a set of three nesting rigid boxes that allude to Matryoshka dolls. Celebrating diversity and inclusion, the graphics feature children of various ethnicities, genders and body types engaging in wintertime activities.
Inside the final box are 16 colorful crayons – a surprise gift for children and children at heart. Endearing and whimsical, this rigid package encompasses both container and content.
The Crown Royal Rodeo Campaign.


The Rodeo Campaign 
submitted by WestRock
Featuring multiple rodeo-inspired images that wrap around a Crown Royal carton, this design captures the consumer’s eye from every angle. Not only was the rodeo campaign the largest job WestRock had ever printed digitally for a client in the United States, it also required innovative problem-solving.
Prior to the project, high-quality digital printing on transfer-metallized board thicker than 12-point was unheard of. WestRock’s engineers and quality assurance managers made it happen on 24-point board—and that’s no small feat.
The Spectrum Green Dot Pen.


Green Dot Full Spectrum Extract Pen 
submitted by JohnsByrne
JohnsByrne’s “Certified, Patented Child-Resistant” design is this folding carton for cannabis vape cartridges that features a unique locking mechanism. The two-piece structure has interlocking tabs that prevent the components from separating.
To open the pack, one must press down on two pressure-release tabs and then slide the additional tab in the finger slot to reveal the insert. In addition to security, the carton offers consumer appeal with an overall soft-touch coating and spot gloss UV on the logo.
Please visit the PPC’s website at www.paperbox.org/ to view all of the winning entries and learn more about the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition.

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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