RadTech launches UV+EB Sustainability Website

RadTech (Chevy Chase, Maryland), the Association for UV+EB Technology, has launched a new sustainability website (https://radtech.org/introduction-to-sustainability-2-0/) that provides information on the organization’s commitment to sustainability, as well as resources for members to use in their own sustainability efforts. “We are excited to support our members with this new resource,” said Cara Bommarito, Sustainability Manager at RadTech. “Our goal is to make it easy for our members to learn about sustainability and to take steps to reduce their environmental impact.”

The new website features information on a variety of topics including the Ultra-Violet and Electron Beam (UV+EB) industry’s commitment to sustainability, updates on RadTech sustainability projects and research, resources for members to use in their own sustainability efforts, plus information, features, and videos on sustainability topics. The Association for UV+EB Technologies is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of UV+EB technologies, providing users with energy savings, lower emissions of harmful substances, enhanced process control, and fast efficient throughput. UV+EB is used in a wide range of applications – including printing, packaging, and 3D printing/additive manufacturing. RadTech serves as an international forum and source of information for individuals and organizations involved in the use of UV+EB, or the supply of equipment, chemicals and other materials.

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