Idealliance launches bold new initiatives to advance industry research and management and address staffing concerns

David Steinhardt.
David Steinhardt.

Idealliance, the association for the visual communications and media industry, has launched three new initiatives to help company executives manage their businesses with maximum effectiveness and advance an industry in transition – The Idealliance Institute for Strategic Research, The Idealliance Institute for Strategic Leadership, and The Idealliance WorkPLACE Industry Development Program. “The programs we’re now introducing will break new ground for our industry, helping it move forward to meet new customer demands, marketplace challenges, staffing concerns and technological advancement,” said Idealliance President and Chief Executive Officer David Steinhardt. “Our initiatives will focus on three areas that are critical to business success in the months and years ahead – strategic research, which will give company leaders the data and insights to make profitable decisions; strategic leadership, which will provide them with the management skills to deal successfully with new opportunities and threats while developing new talent for the next generation of industry growth; and workforce development, which positions the industry as a viable career choice and offers resources for staff training.”
Andrew Paparozzi.
Andrew Paparozzi.

Institute for Strategic Research. The Idealliance Institute for Strategic Research will be a new division within the association focusing on expanded statistical and observational studies of key issues affecting the industry during transition. Research will be led by Idealliance Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi, who will continue to oversee the industry-leading State of the Industry Series studies and ongoing Capital Investment Report Program, both sponsored by Canon, and who will provide informed data clarification and implementation advice related to research findings through his “Must-Dos” commentaries. Joe Vincenzino has joined the Idealliance team to support this work as a Research Associate.
Institute for Strategic Leadership. “At the heart of our new Institute for Strategic Leadership is finding and providing answers to the central questions, ‘How do you manage a business in an industry in transition?’ and ‘How do you develop your management talent and the next generation of leadership?’ ”, said Steinhardt. “We believe that our industry has evolved beyond management-development programs of the past and that to develop the next generation of leaders we must create a new generation of leadership programs that address changes in our industry related to supply-chain issues, digital communications, workflow, generational employee expectations, and more.” The Institute, which officially launches in January of 2018, will house expanded versions of Idealliance’s CEO Roundtable for company leaders and NexGen Leadership Development Program for up-and-coming employees. It will also be home to a new Leadership Institute training program with curricula developed for individual business disciplines such as sales, finance, operations and chief executive. Idealliance is reaching back to NAPL’s highly successful Management Institute for inspiration for other relevant new programs. “Whether it’s identifying and encouraging young professionals, strengthening and expanding the skills of middle managers, or bringing top executives together to address common management issues, the Idealliance Institute for Strategic Leadership will have a program specifically designed to help,” Steinhardt added.
WorkPLACE Industry Development Program. “Finding and training employees to meet the needs of today’s industry companies – both in traditional skills and new specialties such as data management, marketing, and integrated media – is a paramount concern for management,” said Steinhardt, “and it is one that Idealliance is moving to address and ameliorate on a number of fronts through its multifaceted WorkPLACE Staffing Development Program.” The new program’s components will include:

  • Leading an advocacy initiatives to attract talent for the next generation of employees, whether in production on the shop floor, in technical positions from prepress to data analytics, in entry level positions, middle management roles, or C-Suite leaders.
  • Expanding Idealliance’s Young Professionals Group, not only to encourage and attract talent to the industry, but to mentor new employees and help them develop their capabilities. Creating WorkPLACE training programs and materials to help current and prospective employees improve the basic skills necessary for professional growth.
  • Introducing training modules and blended learning opportunities to complement and reinforce the recently introduced programs around sales development (SalesPro and SalesPro Digital), human resources (HirePro), brand supply chain management (BrandQ), and colour management (ColorPro).

“The dynamics of our industry have changed drastically over the last few years, especially during the digital revolution of the last decade,” said Steinhardt. “It’s imperative that we change as well – as an industry, as company leaders, and as an association serving our industry. The new programs are important steps in making changes and adding resources that will enable our industry and our members to not only remain competitive, but to enjoy even greater success in the years ahead.”

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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