Web Connect+ to showcase an industry first at Graphics Canada – the end-to-end, fully automated print-shop workflow of the future!

The Web Connect+ team of 6 leading software and hardware specialists will present a first for a major industry tradeshow at Graphics Canada May 11-13, being held at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Visitors to booth 5222 will be able to experience firsthand, what the future of a fully automated print-shop workflow looks like via a unique, turnkey, end-to-end automated print-production experience. From designing a personalized product, to pre-flighting, to digital printing and finishing, attendees will be able to see an entirely seamless workflow in action and discover its game-changing cost savings and untapped efficiencies.

Web Connect+ consists of 6 trusted software and hardware providers – Infigo Software, Significans Automation, Enfocus, Motionalysis, Ronik and Elitron. Attendees will be able to create and personalize their own workflow experience using Infigo’s web-to-print platform at the initial stage. The job will then be processed by Significans Automation, a solutions integrator that helps printers customize their workflow and achieve never-before-imagined cost savings and efficiencies. The job will then be sent on to Tilia Labs’ imposition and planning software Phoenix (distributed by Enfocus), and lastly to Enfocus for pre-flight checks. 

Motionalysis, which connects estimating, work-order management, and real-time data collection, will provide live tracking and shop-floor analytics of the printing and finishing equipment. Ronik will showcase its innovative flatbed printer, producing superior quality prints that will then be transported across the length of the booth for finishing. Finally, Elitron, a manufacturer of digital cutting systems, will begin the material-cutting process with meticulous precision, so visitors can see the finished product take shape in real time. As well as seeing the entire workflow in operation, attendees will also be able to book individual, in-depth demonstrations with each hardware and software provider.

Marc Raad

“Embracing best-in-class technologies and envisioning the future is crucial for staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving print-production landscape,” said Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation. “From RPA to robotics, it’s clear that printers must adapt to the latest advances to remain competitive. Obviously, you can show different technologies in isolation, but when they’re tied together, attendees will discover an entirely different perspective. I think visitors to booth 5222 will be blown away by how you can create a fully integrated print-shop workflow with little or no touchpoints, while maintaining intense production speeds.” In a special presentation, Raad will also explore the topic Why is Automation a Trusted Investment.

Industry leaders agree that automation not only enhances productivity and efficiency, but also significantly reduces costs and mitigates risks, making it a reliable investment for businesses of all sizes. Raad’s own clients, for example, have experienced a 30% increase in yearly printing capacity, several hours of labor reduced to a few minutes, job preparation times reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes, prepress productivity increased from 10 to over 50 jobs a day, labor costs cut by over 50%, ROI in weeks or months, rather than in years, and so on.

Douglas Gibson

Infigo CEO and founder Douglas Gibson will also be speaking on the main stage, discussing not only the technology that enables successful web-to-print, but also the strategies behind it. His presentation Get Creative. Get Integrated. Get Online will explore the components, culture, technology, and mindset that have seen his clients reap significant success from web-to-print technology. Chris Minn, Global Marketing Manager for Infigo, said he can’t wait to see the automated workflow in operation.

The ultimate automated ‘print factory’

“At Infigo we have always stressed the importance of integration to come up with more creative ways of demonstrating the product within the workflow. Since we created Web Connect+ along with its other founding members, we have held several webinars demonstrating how different systems can be connected and automated. Now that we have more partners on board, it means that we can create the ultimate automated print factory. I genuinely think this will be one of the main talking points at Graphics Canada and will set the blueprint for the future of print production.”

More comments from the Web Connect+ team

Elitron’s Marc Rannow added: “With advances in robotics and AI, we are seeing a new age of print production. When you put together the most innovative hardware and software providers in the print industry, you exceed expectations of what’s possible within a digital workflow. Attendees will see how you can not only keep the machines working 24/7, with very little manual intervention, but also how you can ensure that enough jobs are coming in to feed these high-speed presses and die cutters.” 

“The key to any successful technology company is a keen awareness of the underlying challenges their customers face,” said Piet De Pauw, Head of Marketing at Enfocus. “We take this philosophy to heart across the Web Connect+ community, which we’ve been discussing at length during our series of webinars. Graphics Canada will provide a platform for our incredible, technology-forward community to come together – and not just talk about automation, open platforms, and connectivity, but actually show how these three drivers are imperative for today’s successful printers.” 

Erin Hollandsworth, Co-Founder of Motionalysis, said: “We are seeing a significant shift in the printing industry. Gone are the days of taking large orders from a small number of clients to keep the presses running. Now we are seeing unprecedented demand for small, personalized runs from a higher volume of clients. To meet this demand, printers will need to keep up with the latest workflow innovations – and there will be no better opportunity than to see these innovations in action than at Graphics Canada.” 

Rimpy Bhullar, Marketing Manager at Ronik, added: “We are seeing a new age of print, enabled by digitization, and driven by an increasingly connected society. We can’t wait to show off our latest print-on-demand solutions. But we see them as part of an entire integrated workflow that will be as thrilling for us, as it will be for tradeshow attendees.” 

Registration and free show admission

Experience the end-to-end, fully connected print-production workflow of the future in action at Graphics Canada by visiting booth 5222. You can also schedule a demonstration with each Web Connect+ partner. Register for free at https://graphicscanada.com/register/ and use code GC23WEBCONNECT to save on admission for the entire 3 days.

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