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Graphic Arts Magazine provides in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the latest trends and activities in the printing and graphic arts industry in Canada. For over 16 years, we have been the industry’s magazine of choice for helpful, investigative and analytical editorial content. Our articles engage the readers with hot topics and relevant issues that industry professionals trust as a vital source of information to stay in the know.

Your Bottom Line
We know your bottom line is important to you; that’s why we offer the most competitive advertising rates in the industry. Our streamlined operations and talented staff make us efficient, keeping our costs low. Those savings are passed on to our customers, enabling you to promote your business without harming your bottom line.

Coast to Coast Coverage
Our targeted advertising provides you with a marketing platform that reaches the right market for your business, at the right price. Let your marketing materials be seen by a receptive audience. An advertisement in Graphic Arts Magazine or at graphicartsmag.com is your beacon to the printing and graphic arts industry. We reach high-profile industry professionals who have the power to make decisions and choose your products.

News and Information
We cover all facets of industry news, events and installations making sure our readers become industry insiders through reading our publication. Our feature writers cover industry topics from top to bottom including technical areas of creative, prepress and print. Our regular commentators are recognized experts in their fields bringing knowledge, depth and passion to the page. The latest technology is unveiled and reviewed with insights from topics on design, prepress, print, bindery, sales and marketing. Fresh ideas will inspire, inform and energize you.

ga15cOffering Advertisers the Edge
Our distribution list is constantly updated ensuring your advertising message will be read by the key decision makers in the Canadian printing and graphic arts industry. In a sea of competitors, we are a lighthouse of value. Our distribution list is always kept current. Every one of our readers is a potential client for your services whether creative, prepress, print, bindery or software. Graphic Arts Magazine is published 10 times per year and boasts the most reliable schedule in the market. We deliver on time, every time. High-quality service and very competitive advertising rates make Graphic Arts Magazine the best value on the market today.

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graphicartsmag.com 2.0 is the industry source for all the latest breaking news.
Our vibrant, functional and freshly re-designed site features new and exclusive content on a national and international level.

graphicartsmag.com covers all the stories that matter to you: equipment news, the latest installs, acquisitions, current events and more. The site is updated daily with the latest photos, videos and news as it happens.

GAM’s weekly e-newsletter brings all of our top stories right to our subscribers’ inbox.

The hottest stories are brought to our dedicated readers from Canada and around the world to keep them updated on print, graphic arts, and communications as a whole.

Stay current, stay relevant, stay in the know with a team of established professionals.

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